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The Gentle Vision Shaping System is FDA Approved

OrthoKeratology - Comfortable Vision Without Glasses

The Gentle Vision Shaping System is a safe, effective method to give patients good vision without glasses, daily wear contact lenses or refractive surgery. The Gentle Vision Shaping System is a safe treatment for nearsightedness, where special contact lenses or Vision Retainers are worn while you sleep. Upon waking, the retainers are removed, resulting in good vision throughout the day.

What is Gentle Vision Shaping and How Does it Work

Adult Orthokeratology via the Gentle Vision Shaping SystemThe Gentle Vision Shaping System is an advanced form of Orthokeratology and works by using corneal molds, worn while you sleep, to gently reshape the cornea making you able to see without glasses, daily contacts or surgery.

Until recently, the technology was not available to create this latest generation of corneal molds or Vision Shaping Retainers. Only 10 years ago Orthokeratology required a series of 2 to 4 lenses and took months for results. Now with computer-designed therapeutic contact lenses, made on high speed computerized lathes, 80% of patients will need only one pair of retainers with results seen in as little as one night of wear.

Studies Show The Gentle Vision Shaping System Prevents the Progression of Nearsightedness in Children

Recent studies have shown that Gentle Vision Shaping technology effectively slows and possibly even halts the progression of myopia in children.

One such study, "Controlling Astigmatism and Nearsightedness in Developing Youth" (CANDY Study) showed that modern corneal shaping lenses were effective in reducing the progression of nearsightedness in children between 9 and 18 years of age.  Read more on how to greatly slow the progression of nearsightedness in your child.

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